LIVE: Independence day celebrations, full Museveni speech

Today Uganda makes 52 years as an independent state

The parade, very smart and lively. Courtesy Photo 

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eToday Uganda makes 52 years as an independent state. As usual national celebrations are underway at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala. We bring you the live updates:

President Museveni has arrived already and so have all the other heads of states Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Salva Kiir of South Sudan.

10:30. No Presidential handshakes in Uganda today as President KagutaMuseveni avoids shaking hands with Heads of State at Kololo. The different heads of state simply exchange pleasantries from a distance. This is done in the wake of the Marburg outbreak. #StopMarburg

Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete exchanges pleasantries with S.Sudan's Salva Kiir. No handshakes this time round. Courtesy Photo 

10:31: Anthems are sang, band and parade takes over

11:00: President Museveni now inspecting guard of honour

11.26: Inspection of guard of honour complete. Now President Museveni officiates the rising of the national flag as Anthem is played to get the real feel of the independence. The Anthem this time is played by the band very softly and sweetly with crowd cheers in the background.

11:27. The National flag pole is at the same spot where the Union jack was lowered in 1962. Very symbolic moment here.

Raising the National colours. That spot where the flag pole is erect, is the same spot where the Union jack was lowered and the Uganda flag raised in 1962. Courtesy Photo 

11:33: Religious leaders take to the podium to pray for the nation. President Museveni remains standing. Bishop Kityo Luwalira (representing Anglicans) prays for eradication of illiteracy, prays for police, prisons and law enforcers to be guided by the fear of God in their operations.

11:37: Representing the Islamic faith prays for Unity, food and enjoyable life for the many years to come. Prays for courage for the nation to stand on its own against enemies as well as the growth in faith.

11:57: Now to the most entertaining part of the Parade march. Action and slow march, guards doing their best to out march other guards. Smart lively parade.


President Kenyatta represented by Eng Michael Kamau Kenya's Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary

Under the British, Uganda's economic activity was mostly run by Indian immigrants who operated many of the businesses

By independence three parties had developed. The Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People's Congress (UPC) and The Kabaka Yekka (KY). In the pre-independence period D.P, won the most seats, but not a majority. UPC & K.Y united to form the gov't, excluding the DP.

Upon independence Milton Obote, the leader of Uganda People's Congress, became the nation's first Prime Minister

By independence Uganda was greatly divided along national, religious, and ethnic lines

Uganda's independence was unlike that of most other territories where political parties had been organized to force self-rule

There were some demands for autonomy, but these were mostly expressed by local nationalists surrounding the 5 constituent kingdoms

The parade, very smart and lively. Courtesy Photo 

12:07.Parade now changes to the speed march, band playing the common tune -uncle Museveni. It is very interesting to see the uniformity, the guns in line, the hands swinging at once, the colours. Uganda makes 52. Now band changes tune to another beautiful tune- Simba na tembea ( lion is walking)

12:37: Marching the colours. The parade marches with the Uganda and army flags, before Uganda anthem is played. Now parade commander issues orders to salute the guest (mweshimiwa) present.

12.39: The parade takes hats off to salute honourable guests present.

12:44 Gen Elly Tumwine takes to the podium to read out the names for the Golden Jubilee awards. Golden jubilee independence medal, 20 people will be awarded. it is awarded to people who have made a significant contribution in the country for the past 50 years

One of those awarded is the late Mother Mary Kevin, the founder of the little sisters of St Francis Nsambya, Nkokonjeru novitiate, and so many schools in Eastern Uganda and central.

12:59: President Museveni is invited to address the "congregation" he starts by acknowledging the presence of the different heads of states

13:00: Museveni twists to Luganda to introduce all the heads of states present.

13:05: The capacity of the UPDF and everything you see here, was built by us, all of us here, but we got some external help from Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Nyerere left us, he went like we shall all go. But we are lucky to have here someone, a pupil who succeeded him, HE Mrisho Kikwete. So its my honour to invite him here. He invites Kikwete

13:20. Museveni takes over podium, says he will deliver a short speech this time.

13:21: President Museveni says police, army, NRM, social-economic progress came from 28 carders Nyerere helped him training between 1976 & 1978.

13:22: As we celebrate this day, the whole of Uganda is peaceful and disarming the cattle wrestlers in Karamoja has ensured total stability. Museveni then urges Ugandans to use this peace to grow wealth - "Our economy will grow at 4.5% this year

13:24: Temutya, mwongere kusaba Katonda. Abalala temubatya, Only God can destabilize Uganda, no human can- Museveni

13:30: Huge quantities of minerals have been discovered in Uganda we have platinum, natural gas, iron ore, gold

13:32: HE Uhuru kenyatta was supposed to be here yesterday but the big boys summoned him. We told them to wait for the E.Africa summit, they said that was rubbish. "Too bad for them, our summit went ahead."

13:37: Finally on the issue of Marburg, suspend the act of shaking hands, Stop custom of eating monkeys, they are our relatives."- Museveni says.

13:42: On Medical worker who died of Marburg, an angry Museveni says: There is so much carelessness,. he must have taken the patient's x-ray without his gloves on. Let us suspend shaking hands, sharing of Malwa- those in Nakawa. Thats why your excellences, am not greeting them, mbakubira ka jambo

13:43: This viruses, Ebola and Marburg, they are not new, they have been there- in the forests. Stay out of the forest, you are the ones bringing these things. Mugendayo nemuzirumba, stay out of the forests they are for conservation

13:48: I want to salute our doctors and scientists for being brave in curbing Ebola and Marburg, they don't fear, they just go.

13: 49: Museveni concludes after giving a number of proverbs on wealth in different languages (lusoga, luganda and lunyankore) he sums up..but

13:50: Band starts, he cuts them short, lindaako..ngooja kidogo .... then he congratulates Uganda cranes and calls upon the citizens to support the cranes against Togo on Saturday.

13:51. The beautiful EAC anthem is being played. It is followed by the very musical Uganda anthem, all three stanzas.

13:55: Now parade takes over, parade commander issues orders to teremusha sila (bring down the guns from shoulder). Now marching colours. This is another interesting part of the parade. The flags are stored and driven away in a special car.


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