It is challenging times for police

We are living in unprecedented times of epic proportions. Against the backdrop of Covid-19 infections and the resulting near economic collapse, cities worldwide are under siege from the backlash of peaceful protests gone horribly wrong.

These are challenging times for police. They are tasked to quell the rising violence; are often put in situations where split second decisions must be made; decisions often questioned later by both the authorities and the public without understanding the conditions prompting police decisions.
We are now living in a time of moral testing. We have an opportunity to rise to the challenge with new and better ways of solving myriad societal flaws. Our challenge is in knowing what the most correct courses of action would be and in having the inner fortitude to carry out those actions.

So, how can we effectively create positive change during these troubling times of extreme social discord? When answers elude the mind, those answers can be found within.

Each one of us possesses the means to elevate not only our own consciousness, but also the collective consciousness of the country.

With greater clarity of mind and a broader perspective, we will then see clearly the most positive courses of action to take in any given situation. Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a proven, effective way to do that.

TM is a non-religious, powerful brain-based technology. Extensive peer-reviewed research shows that it is an effective means not only to reduce individual stress, but also to effectively reduce the high levels of collective stress causing insurmountable societal problems, thereby creating lasting peace.

In particular, published scientific research has shown that when even 1 per cent of a given population practices the TM technique, crime rates drop sharply.

And extensive research on the advanced TM-Sidhi programme has repeatedly demonstrated that its group practice creates the same measurable transformation in social trends: Positive solutions to ongoing problems occur naturally and society shifts from division to unity.

The TM-Sidhi programme was utilised in Washington DC over a two-month period in the summer of 1993, where 4,000 meditators gathered for an experiment to lower crime.

The result, as documented by an independent board of criminologists, was a 24 per cent reduction in criminal violence. This profound reduction in social stress also influenced the public approval of the US President, which suddenly changed from a negative trend to a positive trend, as predicted.

If members of police departments were to learn the TM technique, not only would they have access to a powerful tool for reducing violence, they would also gain benefits such as increases in calmness, clarity of mind, happiness, creativity, and energy, as proven by hundreds of independent research studies.

Arlene J Schar and Dr David Leffler
[email protected]