Why has money deserted me?

Friday April 26 2019


By Nabendeh Wamoto

My elusive, horrible, foe, the money. How are you doing nowadays? Why are you rare in Uganda’s 6 per cent growing economy? It is a third of a year now since I last held you in my hands! How I have suffered without you, longed for you, dreamt about you, and I believe many Ugandans do so too.

Ms Money, even when you were Christened Mobile Money 10 years ago, you continue to stubbornly desert me. And ever since you chose to desert me, I have prayed and wished for your death and I know a multitude of Ugandans would wilfully attend your burial.

For I have heard many insult you to the marrow. However, you must understand that despite my longing for your abrupt death, I still love you. Ms Money, you sometimes come announced or unannounced. Why do you have to desert me and fellow Ugandans in that manner and for this entire long when financial experts insist that our economy continues to grow by 6 per cent per year?

I think you feel envy and decided not to warn me that only denominations of coins, not paper money remain in my wallet. Perhaps you didn’t know that supermarkets in Uganda do not extend credit facilities everyone. Even social evenings are now a nightmare for they seem to be a fortune not well spent.
Nabendeh Wamoto,