The Toyota Premio is stable, fuel efficient

What you need to know:

The Toyota Premio is one of the most popular cars on the road. One of the reasons the saloon car is a darling for many is that it is easy to maintain, fuel

Robert Karugaba 

I bought my Toyota Premio 2008 model in early 2021 after selling the Toyota Spacio I had had for about four years. One advantage the Premio has over the Spacio is that it gives you high stability levels at high speeds. I can comfortably negotiate a corner at 80km/hour and not worry about it veering off the road.

Because of its 2000cc engine, it is fuel efficient regardless of whether I am driving in urban traffic or on the highway. For instance, every time I am travelling to my upcountry home in Rukungiri District, western Uganda, fuel worth Shs250,000 is enough for a one way journey. On my way back, I will refuel with Shs200,000 in Mbarara City and this fuel will be enough for the return journey to Kampala.

When driving in Kampala during times when there is traffic jam, I drive a distance of between eight to 11 kilometres per litre of fuel. On the highway, the mileage per litre will increase to 16km per litre.

Currently, with the rise in fuel prices, I am still able to refuel with as low as Shs20,000 and this will take me from my home in Bukoto, Kampala, to Nakasero for one and a half days.

Rogers Kawuma 

One of the features I like about the Toyota Premio is its affordability in terms of service and maintenance. For example, I recently replaced the front shock absorbers and although a pair cost me Shs600,000, it is still the most expensive spare part I have replaced in the two years I have had the car.

For normal service where I replace the engine oil, fuel filter, oil filter, air cleaner, spark plugs and transmission fluid, I usually part with between Shs150,000 and Shs250,000. However, this is dependent on what is to be replaced upon diagnosis by the mechanic. Without any mechanical faults, servicing my Premio will cost as low as Shs120,000. 

However, he says, the Toyota Premio is one of the most popular cars on the road and this means its parts such as side mirrors are prone to theft, especially when you park it in an unsafe places.

Christine Agaba 

I have had my Toyota Premio 2008 model for approximately 18 months. I like it because it is a family car that is affordable to maintain. When I experience a mechanical breakdown and my mechanic is not available, I can comfortably drive into any garage, have the issue fixed and drive home.

This is because it runs on basic technology that can be deciphered by an experienced mechanic.

My particular model runs on a 2000cc petrol engine. Weekly, from my home in Ntinda to my workplace in Kololo, I spend Shs150,000 on fuel. Without traffic jam during rush hours and the increase in fuel prices, I would refuel with only Shs120,000.

I love music when I am travelling and the Premio’s well amplified speakers produce optimal sound and there is no need to supplement with other speakers. I fitted mine with a smart radio and music system. I can also connect the speakers to my phone to avoid being distracted by pressing buttons while driving.


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