Relish warm Toblerone soufflé

Toblerone souffle are a delicious desert . PHOTO/A. KADUMUKASA KIRONDE II

What you need to know:

  • Recipe. This a delicious and indulgent dessert that combines the rich flavours of Toblerone chocolate with a light and fluffy texture. 

What is so special about Toblerone chocolate? Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar that is made with honey and almond nougat and was created in 1908 by Theodar Tobler. There is no substitute for Toblerone.

However, if you use another type of chocolate, then you will have made a ‘Warm Chocolate Soufflé.'   

A soufflé is a sauce which has taken a deep breath and held it while at the same time it is considered the ultimate offering or one might even go as far as calling it the prima donna of the culinary world! The timbale

is considered her even tempered relative. Interestingly, with closer cultivation the two become quite tractable and are just what the doctor ordered for those proverbial leftovers which pile up in the fridge and eventually get thrown into the dustbin. 

The principal ingredients of a soufflé are eggs. 
The yolks enrich a flavored sauce and the whites, beaten until stiff, are folded into the sauce to lighten it. The air which is incorporated into the soufflé causes it to expand as it cooks as the soufflé rises to form a fluffy, golden-brown cloud. 

A castle in the air, this soufflé will not linger while its architecture is being admired. 
It must be eaten at once at the very height of its full-blown glory or with every passing breath it will fall and within a jiffy it will be gone.

Because of its ethereal qualities and fleeting perfection a soufflé is always something that is very special and admired. To climax a dinner with a soufflé is a rare and splendid treat for your guests. 

I want to assure you that few will object to a five-minute wait in anticipation of such a rare and marvelous masterpiece. 

Over time I have discovered that when one is making soufflés, cooked foods are best to use for left over foods and this is the more so because they release less moisture into the mixture as opposed to the newly freshly cooked foods. Soufflés have a duration of as evanescent as the “breath” for which they are named; some last a bit longer than others but all share the common denominator of having a built in limit for holding their puff. 

In the event that the soufflé is well made, you can count on about 10 short minutes in a holding oven but be sure to avoid drafts. Inasmuch as they depend on egg white and steam for their ascent, not a second should be wasted from the beating of the whites until the soufflé is popped quickly into the preheated oven. 

With very few exceptions, every action including immediate serving after baking, should contribute towards holding the “breath” as long as possible. These marvelous gems often based on a white sauce with egg yolks and whipped whites so long as the pointes are carefully heeded. As for the white sauce, this should be a rather firm one and heated just to a boil.  

Remove it from the heat for ½ a minute before the 70d eggs and any other ingredients also at the same temperature are added. The egg whites should be stiff but not dry.  

1.Brush the inside of four 8 cm (¾ inch) ramekins, 3.5cm (1 ½ inches) deep, with softened butter. Put the 30g (½ tablespoons) of caster sugar in one of the dishes and rotate it to coat the inside thoroughly. Tip the excess sugar into the next dish and repeat, coating them all with sugar in this way.
2.Put 149g (5oz) of the Toblerone in a bowl and place it over a pan of simmering water, making sure that the water is not touching the base of the bowl. When it has melted, remove from the heat and stir in the flour.
3.Beat the egg whites with the 75g (7 tablespoons) of sugar until they form semi firm peaks. Using a whisk, mix one third of the whites into the melted Toblerone and then delicately fold in the rest with a spatula or a large metal spoon. Scatter the remaining chopped Toblerone over the surface and mix gently, divide the mixture between the ramekin dishes. Smooth the surface with a palette knife to ease the mixture away from the edge of the dishes.
 Place on a baking tray and bake for about 10 – 12 minutes in an oven that is preheated to 200C/400Dfh/Gas Mark 6. Serve immediately.

A little softened sweet butter
75g (7 tablespoons) caster sugar (superfine) sugar, plus 30g (3 tablespoons) for coating
200g (7oz) Toblerone, chopped
2 tablespoons plain wheat flour such as Supreme wheat flour 
7 egg whites