He lied about us being in a relationship

Children: The couple are blessed with a baby boy; Seth Muwanguzi Magembe, who is a year and half old. 

What you need to know:

Magembe was asked by his spiritual mother to show up at her home with a girlfriend or lose her support. Because he needed this support, he invited Namitala without revealing his plan. As they were being counselled to be a good couple, she questioned Magembe’s intentions. However, later at home, she knew that only a man who loves you would do something that crazy.

One day, Magembe’s spiritual mother Sylvia Namusisi started counselling us but all the while, she spoke as though she was speaking to a couple and I kept wondering what was going on,” recalls 27-year-old  Bridget Agnes Namitala, a Development Studies graduate from Makerere University.

David Ivan Magembe aka Mag Ivan, a 32-year-old driver and gospel artiste met Namitala in 2014 at a concert. She later joined the same choir Magembe was a member of and here, they became acquaintances.

“Since we had never exchanged phone numbers, we rarely spoke away from church. We would just send a hello once in a while on Facebook. In fact, I asked her to escort me to my spiritual mother’s home via messenger,” says Magembe.

The visit

Sylvia Namusisi had demanded to meet Magembe’s partner, saying the biggest downfall of many artistes has always been their choice of marriage partner.

“She made it seem like a prerequisite for her continued financial support. I knew I had no one in my life then, so I took Namitala with me just to buy myself more time. Namitala had no idea what I was getting her into,” Magembe says.

It was known that Magembe would always spend his Sunday afternoons at Namusisi’s home and so it did not come off as an awkward request when he invited Namitala to join him.

At Namusisi’s home, they received a warm welcome, and to Magembe, this was a good sign that she was the right woman for him.  After Sunday lunch, Namusisi asked to talk to Magembe and Namitala in private, away from the other guests.

“The confused look on Namitala’s face made me shiver. Her eyes kept widening as Namusisi told us to be a couple that worships God. I knew I was in trouble and had to explain myself,” Magembe says, adding that on their way home, the silence was so loud.

“I was not happy about the ambush but by the time I reached home, I knew that he had done it for a reason. I knew now that he wanted me for a life partner and this is how our journey started,” says Namitala.

Magembe, who had failed to get tuition for further studies after sitting his Senior Six exams, then had no job. Namitala started offering him financial assistance, having got a job as a Social Worker right after graduation in 2018.

“Namitala showed me true love. I remember her paying for our first date at Cinemax at Ham Towers opposite Makerere main gate where we had gone to watch a movie. And for some time, she carried the financial burden for both of us,” Magembe says.

The proposal

“I bought a ring and one Sunday as we prepared to go for our usual Sunday lunch at my spiritual mother’s home, I carried it. As everybody was getting ready to go back to their respective homes, I stood in the sitting room and asked for everyone’s attention. With all eyes on me, I got down on one knee and asked Namitala to marry me. Since she did not expect it, I remember her crying before she said yes,” says Magembe.

The concept of proposing and then sharing a ring again at the introduction ceremony had never made sense to Magembe and he always talked about it with his sweetheart, saying he would not do that.

“I had made peace with it knowing that I would only get a ring at our introduction ceremony. Him taking time to buy the ring and even propose in front of the person most dear to him, was the best moment. This was the easiest yes I have ever given in my life,” says Namitala.


Magembe and his family first visited (kukyala) at Namitala’s auntie’s (senga) home in Wakiso District on  December 22, 2018 while the introduction ceremony was held on July 4, 2019 in Bombo Kalule.

The wedding took place on Namitala’s birthday (July 6) 2019 at The Worship House in Nansana, the same place where the wedding reception was held.

“Perhaps it was the dancing, because we really danced (many thought we had practiced) or it was just the poor quality of the suits that we had bought at only Shs150,000 but my trouser got torn in the middle of the function,” says Magembe.

Luckily, during counselling and the bridal shower, Namitala had been advised to always carry a needle and thread in her bag.

“I had put a needle and thread in my purse that morning but at the time when we needed it the most, it was nowhere to be found. My sweetheart had to make do with a torn trouser,” Namitala recalls.

Also on the day of the wedding, one of the drivers crushed one of the bridal cars, which had been borrowed.


“Our first two years in marriage have been a struggle financially but we thank God I have a job as a driver for a renowned company. We are also creating a business so that we are able to have a side income,” says Magembe.

The couple agree that once you are married, it is only the two of you that can make or break your relationship. “You cannot get what you do not give. If you give hate in a relationship, it is what you will get. If you give love you will get it in return,” says Namitala.

“Put God first and support each other’s dreams. Also, take care of your partner as you would yourself,” Magembe says.