Here is what women wish their men knew

What you need to know:

If you have chosen to share your life with someone, honour that choice

You will notice that the longer you spend with someone, the more weaknesses and bad habits you discover about them. This is where it is important to remember that nobody is perfect and you too, have got your own faults and should, therefore, focus on what is working in the relationship. However, it does not hurt for the men in our lives to know that these things they do, are driving us nuts. These are general character traits mostly predominant in the male species. I am not sure whether it has something to do with all that testosterone or some other cause but these are the top five peeves women shared about their partners.

Pretending to have a solution

Men tend to think of themselves as the natural leaders in most relationships so they feel the need to provide answers and solutions for everything that crops up ranging from paying rent, a sudden illness or inability to find a geographical location. Instead of admitting that they are unable to do anything, what most annoying men do is assure you that everything is under control when deep down they know that it is not. In fact, they seem to enter a certain fantasy realm in crisis where they think wishful thinking will turn into reality, which is unfortunate because women prefer the cold hard truth to all that posturing and long absences from home spent on wild goose chases. If you have no plan please say so and if you do, share it with your partner to be tested for its viability. You will be surprised how easier it gets when you combine your resources to come up with a solution.


Many promising relationships have been ended by the simple fact that familiarity breeds contempt. I do not know why some men become so dismissive of their partners that they would rather take advice from the devil than them. They choose to ignore the sound advice to give up those shorts that make them look like a dressed chicken, stop and ask for directions when it is clear they are lost or going to the doctor for a check up on that recurring pain. Due to obstinacy, some have left such problems unsolved until it was, unfortunately, too late.

High- handedness

You have met those men who are paragons of knowledge and do not hesitate to wax lyrical on every topic from soccer rules to unpacking the contents of the Book of the Dead. They are quick to remind you that there were no women on the delegation from the east. Yet men are human and cannot possibly know everything but they assume they do and will not hesitate telling you how to respond to personal questions, criticising your driving skills and how you should handle your own cheque book. They are forever guiding, directing, judging and criticising, this kind of self-importance gets too much and grates on your partner. Please remember that your partner is an adult with a full functioning brain whom by the way was doing fine when you met them.

Majoring in minors

Some men think their needs and wants should be priority in the relationship. To understand why this is a major issue, wait for the World Cup season. Some children will be forgotten at school gates and some women will struggle to get to maternity wards because their husbands cannot afford to miss watching Brazil playing England live.

The eternal Lothario

The statement “I am not a reverend father” was immortalised by one of our prominent citizens when his less than responsible lifestyle was questioned. By the way, the fact that you are in a relationship already confirms that you are not a priest but that does not give you licence to chase every skirt you see. Even the best dancer leaves the stage at some point.

If you have chosen to share your life with someone, honour that choice and if at some point you feel the need to move on, let them know so they too can make an informed decision. It is inexcusable to ghost or string anyone along.