Our relationship started with a ''hi'' from her on Facebook

What you need to know:

On one casual evening after work in 2015,  Steven MC King Kakuru logged in to his Facebook account like he had done very many times before, when he opened his inbox, he was welcomed by a ‘’hi’’ from an unfamiliar female friend called  Racheal Atwiine.

Like he usually did to all his new Facebook friends, Steven went straight to her page wall and looked at all her pictures which revealed a beautiful young lady with a stunning smile. Her details showed that she was from Rukugiri District which is also Steven’s home district.

“I was intrigued by what I saw and decided to message her back. We started chatting regularly and became good friends,” Steven says.

According to Racheal, she was encouraged to send Steven a private message because she already knew some of his relatives.

“I knew his elder brother who is a reverend so I also wanted to get to know him. His good looks and friendliness made me realise that he was the kind of person that I would like to have,” Racheal says.

Steven is a former teacher turned professional MC while Racheal is a social worker. The two were just friends for four years until 2019 when Steven asked Racheal to be his girlfriend.

“I decided to upgrade her from just a friend to my girlfriend because she had all the qualities I wanted. She is soft-spoken, patient, understanding and she is very beautiful. Also, her religious background made me confident that she was the right person for me,” Steven said.

Racheal and Steven are both from strong religious background. Racheal’s grandfather used to be a catholic catechist while Steven’s father is also a Revered.

Amidst Covid-19 lockdown on May 30, 2020 the couple decided tie the knot in a simple ceremony held at Steven’s family home in Rukugiri District. Steven says his original plan was to have 1000 guests but because of the Covid-19 restrictions, they ended up having just about 20 guests, mainly family members.

“We ended up with just 20 people, mainly family members. The entire process costed about Shs 7m.  I even did not have proper clothes since I had left all my clothes in Kampala. I had to borrow a suit from my brother and shoes from my father. However I enjoyed the wedding because it cemented my relationship with the woman that I loved so much.”

He adds, “At that time, I did not have money since I had not been working due to the lockdown. My friends however came through and funded my entire wedding. Let me take this opportunity to thank Jackie Kahindi, MD Jackan Supper Market, Akamwesi, Kinyasano Boarding Primary School obs and Ogs, the Bakiga elites group among other special friends. I will always be grateful for what they did for me,”

On what he liked most about the wedding, Steven says, “I had always wanted Rev Cannon Justus Kamuhangire to be the one to officiate my wedding. I made that promise when I was in primary seven because I liked him very much. I was very happy to see that promise come to pass.”

However, Racheal was not thrilled by the small wedding.

“I had nothing to do since he was in a hurry to get married but I was really not happy with the kind of wedding that we had. Most of my friends and family didn’t attend. If it was up to me, we would have another big function to celebrate our wedding with all our family members and friends,” She says.

The couple now has one daughter and look forward to a long life together.

“For the three years that we have been together, Racheal has been the best thing that ever happened to me, she is so caring and the way she takes care of our daughter makes me love her even more,” Steven adds.