Flare it up like Jennifer Oseh

What you need to know:

  • If you thought that was over the top, try adding a printed bag to the same ensemble. 

There is a flare pant look, and then there is a “Jennifer Oseh flared” look. If you are a fan of this Nigerian fashion queen, then you know that no one puts the fun in wide-legged pants as she does. The fashion queen, who has been dubbed, “the Experimenter’ by Vogue India, has a style that is anything but simple. 

Her vintage pant style has us wishing we could take everything in her closet. Whether she is pulling off a suited-up look, or a monotone ensemble, this style maven always finds a way to add a spin to her pants. If you are looking to add a fashion spin to wardrobe, here are some styling tricks you might want to steal from her and easily incorporate into your everyday style. 

The mismatch is magical 
Remember how wearing uncoordinated prints was somewhat of a no-no in the past? Well, in the fashion book of today’s fashionista, there is no such thing as a mismatch. With many of her flare pants, Jennifer will experiment with various prints, shades, cuts, and she manages to achieve a seamless look each time. 
At some point, you will catch her wearing a yellow printed pair of pants, styled with a pink top and equally colourful accessories. Sometimes breaking the rules of fashion may be just what you need to achieve that look that gets you noticed. 

Basic is dead
According to her style, especially with her flare pants, the world is her runway and every moment is an opportunity to be a star. And that is something she executes all too well, as she always finds a way to add an element of vavavoom on something as basic as pants and a blazer. 
Even with a colour block added to the look, Jennifer will add something to elevate her look. It could be a wide brim hat, some elaborate jewellery, or sleeves that speak.

Go bolder or go home
A mixed print look is not one that can be executed by just about everybody. There are chances of you blundering and ruining this look. The fashion queen has somehow figured out how to work her way around this trend. She adds character to her flare pants, by wearing them in a leopard print, and seamlessly styles this with a snake print top. If you thought that was over the top, try adding a printed bag to the same ensemble.