It is possible to wear motherhood with style

Saturday September 12 2020
By Gloria Haguma

Motherhood is a remarkable experience in every woman’s life. The joy of bringing another life into this world and taking care of it until it becomes an adult is rewarding for many. 
Just like anything that involves change, having a baby means a lot of things for a mother. Some will increase in size, meaning they will have to change their wardrobes. Others will have to make adjustments in their schedules to incorporate the newborn. 

Change of lifestyle 
Most new moms are bound to change their lifestyles and prioritise comfort whenever they are looking out for outfits. In the process, it is quite easy to end up with some fashion mishaps. Today, we delve into some of the fashion challenges you could be having as a new mother and how to up your game. 

Find alternatives for leggings 
Those black leggings or yoga pants should not be your bottoms of choice every time you step out. There are many options out there that you can take advantage of. You ought to put some thought into everything you wear.  Do not let motherhood take a toll on you. You can also put a whole new spin to your leggings by trying trends like athleisure. 

Practical doesn’t have to be basic
Obviously, the new mom life will require your wardrobe choices to get more practical, for purposes of breastfeeding and comfort. That doesn’t imply though, that you should get all the hideous and undefined. You can still rock the latest fashion trends like off the shoulder or other silhouettes that give you all the comfort you need, but also win you a fashionable look. 

Stay clear of fashion trends
You just had a baby. Whatever you have seen on the fashion scene is something you definitely can indulge in. Do not be scared to try out stylish outfits. The trick is to accessorise them to achieve a fresh look, but also wear your mom title with pride. 


Skincare and hair
It is common for new mothers to put all their attention on their babies and in the process forget to take care of themselves. They will have the same hairstyle for even four months in the name of taking care of the newborn. There is no rule that forbids a new mom from wearing that bright red lipstick or  having your eyebrows waxed. Your body, skin, hair and nails need to be taken care of.  Always remember that your body needs that same pampering.