Overcoming and winning small battles

Min Atek

What you need to know:

Children do not have issues showering warm water, the real test comes when the water is cold, especially on a rainy day

Years ago, when we were still in high school, bathing cold water was a nightmare. I remember I used to wait until the sun was out in order to take my morning shower. The other day, I was having a conversation with one of the children about the need to bathe daily whether it rains or not and whether there is electricity in the house or not.

Children do not have issues showering warm water, the real test comes when the water is cold, especially on a rainy day. So you find them playing gimmicks in the bathroom.

In a conversation with one of the children, I emphasised that one is a very weak person, if they cannot conquer internal fears, one of them being phobia for cold water. I was planting the seed of aiming high at all times and in all situations as opposed to the life of excuses and running away from challenges.

Whereas our conversation ended, it was only days when I had to use my own prescription on myself. The last few weeks have seen me traversing across the country to teach and impact communities on financial resilience. When you are upcountry, you may not have the luxury of living the way you do in your home.

One of the many evenings got me in spaces where I had to shower cold water because that was the only option available. Sitting quietly in my little room, I remembered the words I had said to my son, that only a weak person is unable to conquer and get over their fears and inconveniences. I had to get under the cold shower and take a long bath at the end of many long days.

Oftentimes, we are faced with individual challenges and mountains to climb. We have responsibilities to meet and big decisions to make.

Life teaches that for us to succeed and excel in the big space, we must succeed and win in the small spaces where no one sees or applauds us. This is an important lesson to understand, especially for children.

Are you able to control your temper and your words? Do you have the ability to consistently lay your bed every morning?  What do you do with your rubbish when no one is seeing you? Do you throw it out on the street? Are you consistently doing what you must do even when no one is seeing? As the year draws to a fast end, as we review and reflect on what we have achieved or not achieved, may God help us to candidly look within. There is so much power and encouragement when we win the small and quiet battles in our lives. That is how giants conquer wars.