The style goddess that is Bonang

Bonang Matheba. PHOTO/COMBO

What you need to know:

  • Yes, you had me right. Let your date know you are fiery and love fashion.

Media personality, host, entrepreneur and queen of everything; Bonang Matheba can do it all. It is her style and fashion choices though that will have you hooked to this South African media star. 

Bonang, who just unveiled her Christmas collection with Steve Madden has a style that is not only enviable, but also very flexible and always going to keep you guessing. 

And while her stage or hosting gowns and red-carpet fashion choices are always turning heads, her off-duty street style make you spend hours on her Instagram feed. Here is everything to love from the fabulous fashion world of Bonang. 

Play with colour
A Bonang ensemble is anything but colourful. From yellows, reds and greens; you can trust that you will be getting something splashy with this style icon. The beauty of choosing something with colour is you can hardly go wrong with your outfit. 

If the details in the look do not pop, then you can count on your hue to do that for you. Whether it is on the red carpet, or simply strolling through an airport, a colourful ensemble is always a great idea. 

The power of the thigh split
Call it her signature look or simply knowing how to work an haute couture piece, Bonang always serves a thigh-split moment every time she steps onto the red carpet. What this detail does is to elevate your outfit and also add some much-needed character to the look. 

This detail is also something you can carry off the red carpet and execute; for brunch attire, evening events or even when you are out on a date. Yes, you had me right. Let your date know you are fiery and love fashion.