Tips to survive festive season look book

The season to make merry and the busiest time for anyone who takes their fashion and dress-up moments seriously is here. With numerous party invitations, having a wardrobe to match is key.  This festive season, you need pieces that not only get you in the celebratory mood, but also have you appropriate for whatever party.

The lookbook for surviving the holidays is going to need all things sparkly, elaborate, fashionable and versatile enough to allow you to recycle them through the season, as much as you need to. Here are some of the fashion options you are going to need to make it through this holiday season.

Shimmery pieces

Whether it is for your office party, or that wedding you might need to attend, something shimmery is worth having in your collection. Think of a dress, mini skirt or maybe a coat; anything shimmery is going to be top on your list with this lookbook. For nighttime looks, a shimmery is best suited for that time. 

Anything that is an after-work affair is going to need these shiny numbers. If you like to wear your trends in minimal bits, then wear this on your accessories, such as bags, shoes or even jewellery.

Floral numbers

A brunch day with the girls or a bridal shower is something that will likely pop up during the holidays.  So something with flowers is a sure must-have. A dress, possibly something midi that you can wear with your pointy toe-coloured heels, and a miniature bag could be some of your buys. You can also wear your florals on a skirt, a matching suit or even an overcoat.

Florals are a great option because they give you a look that is fashion-forward and something for outdoors. You also have the option of having these as the hue addition to your look. 

Think red dress

With varying options on how to nail this, a red dress comes in handy for many affairs you need to dress to in this season. Whether you choose to wear this for a grand event or a night out, red is definitely a shade that spells festive and is appropriate for your fashion during the holidays. Wear your red dress in different lengths, textures and fits.  This hue allows you to be as expressive with your style and you have the option of colour-blocking this with colours such as orange, pink or green, to make it more fun and playful.