Advent candles in your home space this festive season

Advent candles are lit in the festive season to signal the coming of Christ. The multi-coloured candles are symbolic of Christian virtues. PHOTO/

What you need to know:

Advent candles signify the presence of Christ, whose birth Christians celebrate this festive season. You can set the mood at home with these colourful and fragrant candles.

What is a festive season without candles? The soft flickering of candle light creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds a sense of warmth.

Most notably, specific candles hold symbolisim that best fits the season, precisely Advent candles. These candles grace the festivities with soul touching sentiments to one’s heart.

Christians all over the world embrace the use of candles during prayers. Lighting a candle in the Catholic Church is associated with creating an ambience to connect with God through prayer.

 Even better, lighting advent candles, symbolises drawing nearer to the birth of Christ. When it comes to lighting advent candles and having them placed in your homes, it’s much more than the ordinary scented candles that enhance your home appearance.

Positioning these in your home will not only create a pleasant view but also speak profoundly to your inner soul and light up your festive spirit.

Beatrice Atim is not only a believer in the concept of advent candles but also makes them for sale. She tips us on how best to position them in our homes and their symbolisim.

According to Atim, advent candles are a stylish way to add a finishing touch to your rooms. She appreciates their versatile nature as they look great in every room.

“Advent candles signify the presence of Christ who is the light of the world. They are specially customised to meet the identity of the coming and birth of Jesus Christ where each of them is lit for the first four Sundays before Christmas day,” she explains.

In the making, Atim, requires wax, fragrance oils and a moulding machine. “One can consider DIY candles in their space as it is quite manageable. You are required to measure a certain portion of wax which you melt on a neat work top. You can add fragrance oils to it and attach a wick in the mould to which you pour the wax. You then secure the wick, add more wax and cut the wick,” she shares.

The candle maker prices her merchandise at Shs36,000 as the sizes she confirms are big enough and more revealing to serve the Christian purpose.

“ I make liturgical candles in colours that speak to the Christian purpose which include; red, purple,pink, green, yellow, white and blue.” All these colours, she reveals, symbolise sentimental value to the church of Christ.

The advent candles, she explains, are symbolic of Christian virtue and are lit in intervals. She visibly inscribes wording that represents fruits of the Holy Spirit which are; hope, love, joy and peace. “Each candle, she adds, is burnt from the fourth Sunday towards Christmas where the final and fifth is lit on Christmas day and holds a symbol of Christ in bold white. Pink and purple, she highlights, are symbolic of the colours associated with the catholic church and the priest is expected to wear a robe that is  colour coordinated to the candle lit.

For your home space, Atim advises that a decor lover ought to create a corner in their homes as an altar where they can place them. “Most Christians consider having a prayer room or space where they can connect with God. Advent candles would make great sense placed here as it would create an atmosphere to speak to God,” she says.

The candle maker also tips users to be imaginative with placement of advent candles as they suit all room spaces. “When placed in the bathroom, the candles create a relaxing effect to one’s soul and leave a cosy and calm feel in one’s living room. Positioning them at the centre of one’s dining space adds a great feel to mealtimes.” Kitchen candles, she adds, kill odours from stinky atmosphere created by the burnt residues from cooking accidents. Serving a sentimental purpose, she says, advent candles have more good to offer beyond one’s expectation as they additionally kill bad odours and bugs in one’s space.

In the pursuit of filling your home space with advent candles, Atim encourages paying attention to a safe approach in usage.

“Ensure to position the candles away from wall hangings, and too close to the wall surfaces, curtains, netted materials as these can ignite a fire in your home space.”

The candle lover also urges users to light devotional candles at the beginning of prayer and snuff the light out immediately afterwards. In the verge of that, pay attention to the smoke and smouldering as it can be hazardous to your environment.

For users to ensure that these candles are child-friendly, she advises that an adult should be vigilant during use to avoid burns and injuries on toddlers and ensure that the lighting source or match box is placed out of children’s reach.