Abridged curriculum to run for 3 years

Students attend class recently. PHOTO/ FILE 

Government has revealed that it will implement the abridged curriculum for the next three years to enable students who have been automatically promoted to the next class exit gradually.
The government on Sunday unveiled details of the post-Covid-19 curriculum seeking to help learners cope under the automatic promotion arrangement.

Initially, the Ministry of Education had indicated that the abridged curriculum will be implemented for only one year and return to the ordinary curriculum.
But sources in the Ministry of Education yesterday told Daily Monitor that the government has approved the new abridged curriculum to be taught for the next three years before learners can return to the old syllabus.
“The students should have a slow exit. We cannot teach the learners for only one year and jump to another curriculum. The new curriculum is also here to cater for foreseen situations. We have Omicron and other challenges that might come in, so we cannot just drop the abridged curriculum,”  the source added.

This means that a student in Senior Two will continue with the abridged curriculum through Senior Three and Four before exiting. This particular learner will then revert to the old curriculum when he or she joins Senior Five.
The Minister of Education, Ms Janet Museveni, in her statement  indicated that the abridged curriculum has been developed for all primary and secondary classes, with exception of Primary One, Senior One and Senior Five, which will use the standard curriculum.

Meanwhile, Daily Monitor has learnt that the National Curriculum Development Centre will tomorrow  train teachers across the country on how to deliver the new curriculum on zoom.
Teachers are stuck with learners who reported for schools on Monday because they have not yet been trained how to handle the abridged curriculum.

Compiled by , Beatrice Nakibuuka & Jane Nafula.