‘Fair’ results lightens the mood at Salama school

Forensic police officers in front of a burnt dormitory at Salama School for the Blind in Luga, Mukono. Eleven children perished in a blaze that tore through a dormitory at the school on October 25, 2022 as pupils were sleeping.  PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • Teachers  say the fire affected the mental health of pupils including the candidates.

Candidates of Salama School for the Blind in Mukono District have performed fairly well in the Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) despite the fire that broke out last year.
The fire outbreak happened on October 25, exactly 23 days before the start of PLE.  
The fire destroyed a dormitory and killed more than ten pupils while dozens sustained injuries.

But despite the trauma and negative impact of the fire on the pupils, the school management says candidates have all passed their PLE.
Mr Francis Kinubi, the director at the school, said all six candidates passed in first and second grade. 
  “The fire outbreak affected both pupils and staff, but we thank God that we have not registered any failure or third grade,” he said. 

He said the school registered six pupils. The best got aggregate 12. 
But Mr Kinubi said the best candidate could have performed better.  
“The boy who got 12 would have scored six or five because he was so bright but the fire affected them (pupils) so much,” he said. 
 He also said that they are still waiting for the report on the fire from the police. 
They [the police] haven’t also given us permission to demolish the burnt structure. We want to use the place, and put up a new structure but we haven’t heard from the government. The school is opening next week,” He said. 
 Mr Kinubi said they need support from the government to construct more dormitories  for the 75 learners. 

 The fire broke out in a dormitory that had 27 girls, 12 died, three are still in hospital and the rest are well.
 Nalugwa was among the six other people said to be in critical condition who were rushed to Herona Hospital in Kisoga Town, Mukono District and later transferred to Kiruddu.
 The deceased were identified as Shamira Kalema, Patricia Mudondo, Gladys Namuga, Rebecca Josephine Namulondo, Josephine Joseline Namuwonge, Peace Nalumisa, Agnes Nantume, Pretty Prwoth, Veronica Nasali, Ket Nangutu, Patricia Nakaiyima and Damalie Nalugwa. 
•Patrick Allan Mbyiso scored Agg,12

•Ashilaf Kajimu got Agg.18

•Sylvia Nakawuma got Agg.18

•Tahija Namugenyi got Agg. 18

•Moses Ituulo got Agg.20

•Elizabeth Nalusiba got Agg.24