49-year-old pilgrim dies after reaching Namugongo

The deceased's body being loaded onto a waiting police patrol vehicle. 

One of the 100 foot pilgrims from West Ankole diocese who are leading this year’s Uganda Martyrs’ day celebrations on the side of the Church of Uganda died Monday morning shortly after reaching the shrine.

The Pilgrims team leader, Rev Sam Katagye, has identified the deceased as Jackline Alinaitwe, 49, a resident of Katerera in Rubirizi District who was walking to Namugongo for the second time.

He says the deceased dropped dead a few meters from the Anglican Shrine in Namugongo.

“She was among the 100 pilgrims I moved with, upon reaching the second police checkpoint at the Anglican Shrine, I received a call from my colleagues who were behind me with another Rev Father telephoned me that Alinaitwe just dropped dead near the first checkpoint, she had no illness, her body has been taken to the mortuary we shall see what will follow” said Rev Katagye.

According to Rev Katagye, Alinaitwe’s death is shocking because unlike other pilgrims, she exhibited enough strength and commitment along the journey and had not complained of any illnesses or weakness.

“Honestly among the group, she never complained of pain, her feet did not swell like for other victims, she had no illness,” added Rev Katagye.

He said her death is a great blow to the faithful from West Ankole but quickly added that she has died in faith.

“She has died in faith. She was committed to pilgrimage, no one forced her, it shows that there is time for everything, God has a calendar for everybody,” added Rev Katagye.