Akullo lists key challenges in CID operations

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Ms Grace Akullo (left), hands over office to new CID Director Maj Tom Magambo at CID headquarters on February 10, 2022. Photo/Andrew Bagala

What you need to know:

  • The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Ms Grace Akullo decried the poor funding of the directorate.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Ms Grace Akullo, yesterday handed over the office of the director of Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) to Maj Tom Magambo.
Ms Akullo has been the director of CID for the last 10 years.
During the ceremony, Ms Akullo decried the poor funding of the directorate.

“Financial resource is so inadequate for the CID to effectively carry out their mandate. On average the simplest case requires Shs500,000, and serious cases like homicide, aggravated robberies, and other organised criminal syndicates require a minimum of Shs5m. Other complex cases like the 2010 bombing case, ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) case, corruption cases of Office of Prime Minister, and Public Services Pension scam required special funding,” Ms Akullo said.

In this financial year, the CID requested Shs120b but received Sh48.9b to deal with more than 120,000 criminal cases they get annually.
Ms Akullo said some criminal cases, that have been tried at magistrate’s level, are thrown out over failure of witnesses to turn up and give evidence because they are not facilitated.

“There is no budget to facilitate witnesses in lower courts yet district/divisional CID officers struggle to ensure witnesses attend court.  This has led to the dismissal of cases due to none attendance of witnesses.  Some accused persons are acquitted due to none attendance of witnesses in court,” she said.
Ms Akullo said the detectives also lack resources to help them with their work such as vehicles to get to the crime scenes on time and computers.
She, however, said the directorate was able to deal with some cases especially those regarding corruption such as the Pension scam case, fraud in the Office of the Prime Minister, and Micro Finance Support Centre cases.

She added that there are 68 high profile cases which have been concluded awaiting trial including one of Jamil Mukulu, the leader of ADF.
Ms Akullo said with the help of Justice Law and Order sector, the CID headquarters were renovated after decades without any refurbishment.
Maj Magambo is the first military officer to head that directorate in the history of Uganda Police Force.
Maj Magambo, however, declined to talk to the press about his plans for the CID.