Fake news: EU schools NRM social media influencer

What you need to know:

  • The EU highlighted several factual, grammatical, and punctuation errors and writing styles which are far below its standards.

The European Union (EU) in Uganda has distanced itself from a contract agreement circulating on social media allegedly signed between the Union and a controversial Germany-based Ugandan writer, Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

Through Monday X (formerly Twitter) post, EU termed the contract agreement that was posted by the social media influencer for First Son [Muhoozi Kainerugaba], Mr Frank Mwesigye as disinformation being spread out of forgery.

The EU highlighted several factual, grammatical, and punctuation errors and writing styles which are far below its standards.

Among others, the EU noted that the commissioner who purportedly signed the alleged agreement does not exist in its human resource records.

“Dunja Mijatovic serves as Commissioner of Human Rights for the Council of Europe, which is a different body from the European Union. She is, although brilliant, not the appropriate signatory for this letter. We appreciate that it might be a bit confusing to grasp, you can learn more,” the EU clarification notice reads in part.

“You have exhibited poor punctuation here [while writing the EU address]. Something that we usually present in our letters would be better,” it added.

The fake contract agreement that was posted by Mr Mwesigye indicates that the EU entered an agreement with Rukirabashaija, requiring the latter to use his social media platforms like X (Formerly Twitter) and Facebook to promote and advocate for the rights of the minority populations, particularly the LGBTQIA+ society.

The EU further clarified that the title ‘European Union Human Rights Commissioner’ which was quoted in the fake contract agreement does not exist. It added that all authentic important EU documents like contracts are written on the official EU-headed paper and duly signed.

“This title [European Union Human Rights Commissioner] does not exist [and] always insert the signature of the signatory,” the EU lectured Mwesigye.

“The title ‘High Commission’ is reserved for diplomatic missions established by Commonwealth countries. It is thereby wrong to refer to the EU delegation as such. You can learn a bit more about the distinction between the different terms here,” EU corrected.

The EU cautioned Mwesigye, who is said to be behind the fake contract agreement that “you [Mwesigye] can do better than this.”

Replying to Mwesigye’s post earlier, Mr Rukirabashaija said: “It’s a sheep like you who can write such and credit to me.”

The two have engaged each other in several social media trolls stemming from differences in political thoughts on the political future of President Yoweri Museveni and his son, who is a serving army officer.

Mr Rukirabashaija has welcomed the EU’s clarification which he referred to as the polite way to tell Mwesigye to go back to school.