I am ready to take on ‘NUP goons’ for 2 years – Mao

DP president Norbert Mao addresses the media, standing next to him is party spokesperson. PHOTO | SHABIBAH NAKIRIGYA

What you need to know:

  • Mr Mao added that the one-man army analogy meant everybody was scared and he was the only one who had the courage to take them on.

Democratic Party (DP) president general Norbert Mao has vowed to take on purported National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters for two years until social media is sanitised.

Mr Mao’s remarks followed last week’s sustained attacks on NUP leaders who criticised the government for airlifting the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Jacob Oulanyah, to the US for specialised treatment.

The Opposition leaders opined that the government should invest in a better healthcare for all.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Mr Mao said all government officials are entitled to specialised treatment if their condition is complicated. He stated that NUP leaders and their supporters weren’t honest in their discussion.

“NUP is trying to score political goals. They are not only doing bad politicking, but also bad manners. In my culture, you don’t criticise a sick person, you wait for them to heal before you attack them,” Mr Mao said .

Speaking to the media at their weekly press conference in Kampala yesterday, the DP boss said he is a one-man army who is ready to take on the social media goons.

“These goons had chased every person out of social media and I decided to take them on and I announce that this battle will take at least two years until we disinfect social media,” he said.

Daily Monitor was unable to verify if the said tweeps are allied to the NUP party.

Mr Mao added that the one-man army analogy meant everybody was scared and he was the only one who had the courage to take them on.

“I am exercising my freedom of speech and I need to let NUP members know that they were conned. When I published their certificate of registration, they were shocked because some of them thought NUP started in 2020,” he said.

Mr Mao said many people are asking for more information about his ‘‘battle’’ because the cause is right.

“No one has come out to dispute what I am saying, instead they keep on saying Mao is working for President Museveni and I am a pumpkin...,” he said.

Mr Mao also castigated NUP supporters for reportedly joining the party without reading its constitution.

“I have actually liberated Twitter and Facebook and I have given many people confidence now to criticise that demi god in Kamwokya,” he said.

Mr Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, the deputy NUP spokesperson, who has ever worked with Mr Mao, said he has been reluctant to respond on the issue and dismissed Mr Mao’s claims