Janet orders  probe into improper  Budo conduct

Education minister Janet Museveni. PHOTO/ FILE 

What you need to know:

  • House Speaker Anita Among ordered an inquest into the revelations.

Education minister Janet Museveni has ordered a probe into the improper conduct at one of Uganda’s oldest schools.
The development comes after a social media post purported to be of a parent, whose son was sodomised by a teacher at King’s College Budo, went viral.
Another post alleging that the accused teacher was transferred to another school went viral, catching the attention of Parliament this week.

House Speaker Anita Among ordered an inquest into the revelations.
The latest development indicates that Ms Museveni, who is also the First Lady, has picked interest in the matter since King’s College Budo is a government-aided school.
This newspaper understands that a technical team from the Education ministry on Wednesday met administrators from the school led by the head teacher, Mr John Kazibwe.
Ms Ketty Lamaro, the Education ministry permanent secretary, in her January 17 letter summoned administrators of King’s College Budo.

“I am in receipt of messages on social media platforms in regard to the improper conduct towards some of the students and a staff at King’s College Budo,” Ms Lamaro wrote, adding that Ms Museveni “has directed an inquiry into these allegations.”
Mr Lamaro scheduled a meeting with King’s College Budo’s top brass for Wednesday. The letter was addressed to the head teacher, the district education officer and the chief administrative officer for Wakiso, the chairperson board of directors and chairperson Parents Teacher Association of the school.

Officials from the Education ministry were yesterday not available to comment on the issue. This publication understands that the vast bulk of them had reportedly gone to the State House to meet the minister over the issue.
Mr John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, and Ms Joyce Kaducu, the State Minister for Primary Education, confirmed the meeting.
“The Ministry of Education has put in place a team to investigate the Budo issues amicably and the key findings will be presented to the public,” Ms Kaducu said in a telephone interview.
We could not get a comment from Mr Kazibwe—the head teacher of King’s College Budo—because his known phone number was off by press time.