Mengo, parliament forge new partnership to fight HIV

Parliament Speaker Anita Among and her delegation welcomed by Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Peter Mayiga (L) after they arrived at Bulange, Mengo on April 2, 2024. PHOTO/DAVID LUBOWA 

What you need to know:

  • Parliament bought kits worth Shs50million ahead of the April 7 Kabaka Birthday Run.

Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga has welcomed the Parliament Speaker Anita Among's collaboration in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country ahead of the annual Kabaka Birthday Run. 

Speaking to the media during the speaker’s courtesy visit to Mengo, Katikkiro said there is need to prioritise health in Uganda.

“Even leaders cannot represent their voters well when they’re not in good health. Therefore, we need parliamentary support in this fight to see that by 2030 HIV/AIDs is out of Uganda,” he noted.

He added: “We want to have well equipped hospitals in every district so that all Ugandans can access medication from a nearby health center.”

The Katikkiro also noted that the visit is very historic since Among is the first speaker to visit Bulange since the annual Kabaka run started nearly ten years ago.

“I think it marks the starting point of a collaborative program with Parliament of Uganda to promote, education of HIV/AIDs in this country,” he observed.

Meantime, Mayiga used the occasion to advise legislators against excessive politicking.

“All of us here as Members of Parliament are first as politicians but I urge you not to get so consumed by politics all the time. Give special attention to social aspects like this one health, sports, and community development, protection of our culture and heritage,”

Parliament bought kits worth Shs50million ahead of the April 7 Kabaka Birthday Run.

“We have brought something small as a sign of solidarity. We want to build a relationship with the kingdom. We are not islands. We cannot live without you especially that we are tenants. We want to work together with the kingdom for the good of this country,” Among said.

Among, who was accompanied by her deputy Thomas Tayebwa and government chief whip Denis Hamson Obua, pledged to always welcome advise from Buganda Kingdom authorities.

“We are very good listeners and want to assure you that we will always support the team that we have in Buganda for us to promote the pro-people causes in health, education, poverty eradication, among others within the communities,” Among promised.

Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga, who Among said attended as the representative of the Parliamentary Commission, did not make any comment but comprised the visiting team. He was also formally introduced by the Katikkiro.


Coming to its 11th edition now, the Kabaka Birthday Run is an initiative under the Buganda government whose purpose is to champion efforts dedicated to combat health challenges. The opening six years were dedicated to combating fistula and sickle cells with each theme going for three years.  

The years after have since seen the kingdom commit towards combating HIV/AIDS with this year’s theme: “Men are stars in the fight against HIV/AIDS to save the Girl Child.”

In 2021, the joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids (Unaids) appointed   Buganda King (Kabaka) Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II as its goodwill ambassador in the fight against HIV/Aids.