NMG head of radio completes 320km road safety walk

Mr Joseph Beyanga (left) and his wife Carol (second left) with Christians at Ncucumo Church of Uganda, Rwentuha Town Council, Bushenyi District, on March 10, 2022. PHOTO/FELIX AINEBYOONA

What you need to know:

  • Road accidents claimed 131 lives between January 24 and February 6 this year, according to the Police Directorate of Traffic. Between January 31 and February 6, more 66 deaths were registered of the 372 road accidents recorded

Mr Joseph Beyanga, the head of radio at Nation Media Group Uganda (NMG-U), yesterday reached Bushenyi District, concluding his 320km road safety walk that started from Kampala on February 28.
Mr Beyanga, who was walking to promote road safety, started his journey from NMG head offices in Namuwongo, Kampala, last Monday, February 28.

At 10am yesterday, the jolly Beyanga, who called himself Joe Walker, dressed in black canvas shoes and blue stockings with a Uganda flag strapped across his neck, arrived in Kantojo Village, Igara East constituency, to scenes of jubilations from pupils and residents.
Traffic police had to clear the road to keep away crowds of students and locals seeking to have a glimpse of a man who walked the 320km journey.

“We have been having many accidents on the road and I wondered what could be done about it. So I decided to walk on the road because most people who die in accidents are pedestrians,” Mr Beyanga said.
Mr Beyanga, in company with his wife Carol, planted trees at Kantojo Primary School in Rwentuha Town Council on Mbarara-Bushenyi highway.
“While I was walking, I told people to reduce their speed because I realised that people were driving at a high speed and I would as well meet school children and told them how to cross the roads safely,” Mr Beyanga said.

Time for action
“Whenever accidents happen, you hear people talk about the government but this is not about the government but rather upon us as individuals to make our roads safer,” Mr Beyanga said.
Joe Walker ended his journey at St James Ncucumo Church of Uganda in Kitwe Ward, Rwentuha Town Council, where a group of Christians held prayers with him. The chairperson of Rwentuha Town Council, Mr Naboth Nabaasa, said they were excited to see one of their locals walk 320km to promote road safety.
 “We need a zebra crossing between Kitwe and Jane Foundation Primary School and we have a daily market with people who cross the road every day,” Mr Nabaasa said.
Ms Beyanga urged Ugandans to spearhead road safety campaigns in their areas.