Shock as Bukwo PDM officer collapses in council meeting, dies

Elijah Masika Ndinyo collapsed as he was about to make a presentation before the district council. PHOTO/ MICHAEL WONIALA

What you need to know:

Elijah Masika Ndinyo collapsed as he was about to make a presentation before the district council

Residents of Bukwo District were on Wednesday left in shock and grief after a senior district staff, the focal person for the government Parish Development Model (PDM) collapsed during a budget meeting before he was moments later pronounced dead.

Elijah Masika Ndinyo collapsed as he was about to present a status report before the district council. He was rushed to Bukwo General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A grief-stricken district speaker Ms.Melisa Cheptegei:"He is no more. The doctor has confirmed to us. It's very a painful."

Ndinyo’s body was briefly kept at Bukwo hospital mortuary before a group of mourners stormed the hospital and took it away. The mourners marched with the body to the office of the RDC protesting and demanding for answers about Ndinyo’s sudden death.

Mr Fred Soyekwo, Bukwo town councilor said before his death, Ndinyo looked normal as he was seen going about his work.

"He was meant to make a presentation about PDM in the council. So, after having breakfast, he went to pick his documents and returned to the council hall," Mr Soyekwo said.

When the meeting resumed after the breakfast, Mr Soyekwo said Ndinyo “started breathing heavily as if someone who was chocking. He suddenly fell on the wall which caused alarm. He started foaming around the mouth. We rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.It didn't even take 10 minutes."

Soyekwo described Ndinyo as a hard worker, trustworthy and committed man.

"He was hard working, loyal and committed to his job. It’s because of his integrity that he was trusted to oversee PDM programme,” he said.