Traffic officers wrestle, disarm UPDF soldier in Kampala

Traffic officers wrestle, disarm UPDF soldier after he allegedly drew a gun at them in a scuffle that ensued when he allegedly parked his car in the middle of the road at Kibuye Roundabout in Katwe Division, Kampala. Video grab/ courtesy 

What you need to know:

The soldier is accused of drawing a gun at a traffic officer who reportedly asked him to remove his vehicle from the middle of Kibuye Roundabout where he had parked and blocked other motorists 

Police have arrested a Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldier after he allegedly attempted to shoot traffic officers on duty in Kampala City.

The soldier identified as number RA 080643 WO1 Herbert Kakama attached to Chief of Training and Recruitment, Mbuya, was arrested Sunday on attempted murder charges after he was wrestled down and disarmed by the traffic officers.

It is alleged that the soldier parked a Toyota Harrier in the middle of Kibuye Roundabout in Katwe Division, Kampala blocking other motorists but when a traffic officer asked him to remove it, he allegedly refused and instead drew a gun in what has seemingly become the habit of army officers on the city roads lately. 


An officer from Katwe Police Station who spoke to this publication on conditions of anonymity because he’s not authorised to talk to the media, said an argument ensued after the soldier allegedly "insulted the traffic officer that he was stupid when the officer asked the armed soldier" in plain clothes to remove his car from the middle of the road.

When the traffic officer reportedly attempted to explain to him that parking in the middle of the road was wrong and an offence, the soldier allegedly drew his SMG rifle number UG-UPDF 49001495 at him.

The traffic officer grabbed the gun prompting a scuffle in the middle of the road.

Other traffic officers joined in and they managed to disarm the soldier before apprehending him.

Efforts to get a comment from the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesmen about the Sunday morning's incident were futile by press time.

However, this is one of the many recent incidents involving UPDF soldiers drawing guns or shooting at traffic officers on road.

In May, soldiers assaulted traffic officers on duty near Mukwano mall in Kampala. The UPDF promised to investigate and punish the suspects but this is yet to happen.

In January this year, soldiers shot a traffic police constable, Robert Mukebezi in the leg before he was rushed to hospital and later amputated.

However, the suspects were never apprehended.