Accounting for every citizen is the solution to insecurity

Robert Atuhairwe

What you need to know:

  • Vetting members is a standard practice for any civilised and orderly society.
  • If small groups such as social clubs, schools vet their membership, why not countries when necessity deems so?
  • Why should someone violate the sovereignty of a country through illegal entry and presence when others have complied with laws of the land to retain their citizenship?

What happens when a high level security official goes down too early when he or she should be the safeguard for others? It sets everybody on the agony train. It hurts to see the authorities puzzled by what’s going on, solemnly filing in to mourn with the rest. The demise of AIGP Felix Kaweesi in a mafia-style shooting will forever remain etched in the minds of all peace loving, security conscious and exemplary citizens. It underpins the horror of the indescribable face of a terror wave bedevilling the entire globe.


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