Deserved end of the road for President Donald Trump

Harold Acemah

What you need to know:

  • Mr Harold Acema claims that he predicts the end of the road for Mr Trump and a decisive victory for Mr Joe Biden. 

In Church calendar, today is celebrated worldwide as All Saints Day. It will be a big occasion at my spiritual home in Kampala, All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero, the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. I have been a member of the congregation of All Saints Cathedral since 1972.

All my children were either baptised or confirmed at All Saints Cathedral.

On a secular note, in a couple of days’ time, on November3, voters of a superpower, the United States of America, go to the polls to elect a new president, vice president, 33 senators, members of the House of Representatives, aka congressmen and congresswomen, state governors and hundreds of other lesser officials.

The focus of 2020 US elections will, however, be the contest between President Donald Trump of the Republican Party and former Vice President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.  Without much ado, I predict the end of the road for Mr Trump and a decisive victory for Mr Joe Biden. Bravo Biden! Congratulations!

I have been following and observing US presidential elections since1968 when Richard Nixon was elected for the first time. 

Due to the Covid- 19 pandemic, the 2020 US elections lost much of the drama and excitement which is usually associated with the quadrennial event. I am sure millions, if not billions of the Americans and people all over the world will celebrate the imminent and long-awaited downfall of Trump, including yours truly. 

It is a pity and a tragedy of monumental proportions that Americans mistakenly elected a conman and a pathological liar like Trump as President in 2016 instead of Mrs Hillary Clinton who actually got over two million more votes than Trump in the last presidential elections.

I am glad Americans have woken up from slumber and are determined to correct the historic and costly mistake they made in 2016 to elect a man who would be in good company at an African Union  summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea or Harare, Zimbabwe, where he would be warmly welcomed by like-minded presidents.

To say that Trump is a disgrace, unfit and unsuitable to be president of the USA is an understatement. 

He has done enormous and lasting damage to the national image and prestige of the United States.

He has done even more damage to the national interest of the USA and reduced “the land of the free and the home of the brave” to a third world country, complete with a corrupt, decadent and self-centred leader who thinks wrongly in his perverted mind that he is the best thing that has ever happened to the USA since 1776.

Shame on this arrogant and self-condemned man who has polarised American politics and divided Americans on racial and religious grounds and consequently deserves to be dumped into the dustbin of history where he belongs.  

Make no mistake, the verdict of history on Donald Trump will be harsh, merciless and unpleasant.  America and the world have learnt many bitter lessons from the election and gross misrule of Trump. One hopes that the lessons learnt will not be forgotten or lost. 

One of the lessons which Uganda and all African countries must learn and never forget from the legacy of Trump is that it is easy for a self-seeking and unscrupulous leader to destroy a country, but it is difficult to rebuild a broken country and society, especially the body politic and the moral fibre of people who have been dehumanized, humiliated and impoverished by callous, corrupt and decadent leaders.

 Mr Acemah is a political scientist and retired career diplomat.
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