Election 2026 and enchanting tale of the weighing scale…

Author, Gawaya Tegulle. PHOTO/FILE

What you need to know:

  • The other began climbing the tree from the top… and is quite clearly, on his way down.   

Not here, not now. I mean, there are things you sometimes feel like saying, but you feel the place and timing are just not right. 

For example, I really, really felt like saying that in 2026 there’s a good chance we’ll see a political race of two curious candidates, as far removed from each other as cheese is from chalk. The weighing scale always tells a tale, sometimes an enchanting one.

We just might see one who began climbing the tree right from down and is definitely on his way up; while the other, rather curiously, began climbing the tree from the top… and is quite clearly, on his way down. 

We’re talking about one who was born into hardship, orphaned early in life; like precious gold, refined and hardened by the hottest of fires and who through sheer hard work, determination and resilience has defied and overcome difficulty, poverty and just about everything to rise to international prominence. The world has had no choice but to notice him and make way for him. Natural. Organic!

And the other, born into privilege, raised on the lap of luxury and spoilt by good things; taking life for granted, never tested by hardship and lacking requisite stamina to last the distance in the tough journey that political life is and who would be easily burnt up in the first fire that he encounters. Artificial. Genetically modified! To that some other time; not here, not now. 

I had also felt like saying in 2026 we might see one likely to be a pillar of the nation, propping it up, bringing ingenuity and much-needed breath of fresh air into the political space. And on the other hand, a caterpillar par excellence: a devourer of everything in its wake if it were a worm. Or if it were a machine, demolishing whatever has been built by wisdom and diligence over the years. Well, not here, not now.

Could also have said we may see one among the younger children of his father, but with a first-born mentality, demonstrating a maturity far beyond his years, providing leadership by inspiring his peers, the type every little boy wants to be like when he grows up; and enjoying legitimacy derived from sheer popularity, charisma and hard work.

And then the other: among the eldest of his father, but with a seeming last born syndrome, hardly showing maturity in his comments, quick to sulk, quick to lose his temper, and quick to unleash terror at anyone who is seen as defying his excesses, leading by sowing fear and trepidation and getting his way by spreading terror and splashing cash. Well, not here, not now.

Also wanted to suggest that 2026 just might be a showcase of two winds. One blowing so strongly that people are still scratching their heads, wondering where the heck it even came from, because it’s bending trees with ease and setting aside every obstacle in its path and people are still none the wiser to where it will end.

And the other just a passing wind, in fact merely bearing the appearance of a wind: very unnatural, far from organic, because it is artificially generated by a high voltage fan (which unfortunately looks like it is soon running short of power). It is trying very, very hard to put up appearances of a real wind. But real winds don’t have to prove they are winds, they simply do what winds do. And a close look at this wind tells you it wouldn’t blow out a candle, even with the fan at maximum. Anyway, not here, not now.

Election 2026 just might be like an intriguing beauty contest: a tale of two princesses, one endowed with natural beauty and with no end of suitors. We are talking about a product for whom the forces of demand are so strong, the supply has simply failed to be anywhere near enough. Product sells itself!

And the other, well, let’s say, completely beauty-free and who needs lots of make-up and nice clothing and stuff…plus the father offering to pay the bride price himself and lots of free monies, lest suitors shy away, because demand can be hard to stimulate when the product is hard to sell. Product has to be forced into customers’ shopping baskets! But like I said; not here, not now. 

Mr Tegulle is an advocate of the High Court of Uganda     [email protected]