6 days ago

When Ugandans are feeling low, they do this – with coffee

The old coffee order was burnt down in a deadly fire, but a phoenix has risen from its ashes...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By6 days ago


Gabon’s failed coup: What Ugandans can glean from it

Coups have become so old-fashioned even in Africa where they were once the norm, that this was bound to fail...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By9/1/2019


DRC poll makes Uganda last Mobutuist state in EA

Joseph Kabila also did something no other African autocrat has done...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By2/1/2019


An old man, his exiled son, a metal box and African dictator

If Museveni ends up leaving power at 96 like Kamuzu, how many NRM cards, T-shirts, or caps, shall we find in trunks hidden away in Ugandans’ wardrobes, ceilings, or hearts? ...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By19/12/2018


Goodfellas: What the tale of Amanya and Tiberondwa teaches us (Part 2)

There was a lot of social media commentary, and my inbox and phone text message folder was overflowing with requests for more...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By12/12/2018


Bebe Cool, dad Bidandi, and the untold Ugandan story

Based in Katwe, Sapoba Bookshop was the publisher of the influential, and defunct Weekly Topic. It is where some us cut our journalistic teeth...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By5/12/2018


Lake Victoria boat tragedy was 30 years in the making - expect more

The unwritten bargain Museveni made with the Ugandan elite from about 1988 was simple...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By28/11/2018


If Uganda were a ‘good African’, President Museveni would be continent’s big chief

There are no numbers for whether the debt has done up or reduced...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By21/11/2018


Art kings, and why the Alur are the ‘most civilised’ Ugandans

All the four of us at some point had been part of the “Capital Gang” story...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By14/11/2018


The capture of Uganda’s State House and how we got stuck in reverse gear

We are sliding further in a two – or even three – tier EAC, with Rwanda and Kenya at the top...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By7/11/2018

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