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Sebei’s great runners and the ‘wizards’ of Mt Elgon

It is harder to make a living off the land. At the same time, the knowledge of other opportunities in far away places is abundant, compared to 1979...

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Juba’s bid to punish sin could be Uganda’s gain

Kibaki believed that if you had media freedom, your opponents would exhaust themselves denouncing you, and the political factions would be busy attacking each other, they would not be able to get...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By15/5/2019


Soon most roads will lead away from, not to Kampala

The UPE generation, especially those from the remoter upcountry regions, have a closer link to their communities, and a lot more of them feel the need to work in them, than their urban and...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By8/5/2019


Both NRM and FDC have a common rival – the State

That Bouteflika’s fall after 20 years, rather than Bashir’s, who ruled for 30, must particularly be troubling to Uganda’s rulers...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By1/5/2019


Besigye, Bobi, and Uganda in 2021: what Museveni fears – and doesn’t

This is likely because: (a) there will be no NRM convention to elect Museveni as a flagbearer in late 2020; (b) if there is, there will be no elections in 2021, and they will be postponed to 2022...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By24/4/2019


Matooke ne binyebwa: Ugandan T-shirts and the stories they tell

Food in Uganda is a social code, in part of the history. Compare it, again, with Kenya. Kenya didn’t have kingdoms, in the sense in which Uganda had them...

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Bashir was once Uganda’s ‘enemy.’ He’ll be missed when he falls

They get into trouble when they run out of resources to dole out patronage to their base, and buy off both rivals and the rest of the country with social bribes...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By10/4/2019


Museveni and the great East African ‘metal snake’

Last year in October, Finance minister Matia Kasaija told Daily Monitor that the government had put on hold the SGR venture and would instead focus on revamping the old metre-gauge railway network...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By3/4/2019


Why President-for-life Museveni is ‘good’ for Uganda’s progress

Naturally, the Nigerians were by far the largest group of finalists. But representing a trend that we have seen in TEF in recent selections, Ugandans were the second largest...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By27/3/2019


Kabalega’s Bunyoro had caesarean births in 1879, and other great African stories

I generally consider myself less excitable these days, and sufficiently cynical. Like many Ugandans, one of my heroes is the nationalist Bunyoro king Chwa II Kabalega...

Section  Charles Onyango Obbo  By20/3/2019

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