For men: 12 easy ways to drive women away

Not telling your partner the truth is guaranteed to drive them to the edge. NET PHOTO

What you need to know:

Tried and tested. Last week, we outlined self-defeating behaviours that women do that hurt their chances of having a healthy relationship. This week, Christine Katende writes about easy steps to lose your girlfriend. However, if you are committed to keep your partner, we recommend doing the exact opposite of everything discussed below.

While a woman is no prize to be won, winning a girl over emotionally can be a daunting, seemingly impossible task. Your appearance, confidence, and demeanour will play undetermined yet pivotal roles in your game-play, to which you will have no idea how much of one is required. All of these traits, however, pale in comparison to your communication skills. So you better work on your charm, dudes!
If you ever need to destroy your relationship, you can do it. Here are a few suggestions, if you are looking to preserve your relationship, of what NOT to say.
1. Demand for sex all the time
Yes, having sex in a relationship has never been a crime but the question is, how often do you do it? When you are too hooked up on your bedroom activities, you are bordering towards addiction. She may wonder whether that is all she is to you. Before you go full throttal on this fellowship, ascertain that you are moving at same pace. Most women do not rate sex that highly.


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