Politicians promoting witchcraft, says Buturo

Tuesday May 4 2010

By Flavia Nalubega & Patrick Kanyomozi

As underground campaigns intensify ahead of the 2011 Elections, the Ethics and Integrity Minister has warned of the danger that belief in witchcraft poses to the country’s political destiny.

Citing a report which indicated that more than six million Ugandans believe in witchcraft, Dr James Nsaba Buturo revealed that the problem has been exacerbated by political leaders who turn to the practice in order to win political offices.
He made the remarks at the launch of the Great Lakes United Religions Initiative in Kampala last week.

The minister singled out greed as the main cause of increase in the practice.
“Due to man’s greed someone invented a way of making money, and it is a tragedy that we have leaders who believe in supernatural powers,” he said.

Call for help
He appealed to religious leaders regardless of the difference in faith to spearhead the campaigns to wipeout witchcraft and homosexuality in the country.
The Board Chairman of the United Religions Initiative, Bishop Baker Ocholla attributed the vices to religious divisions.

“Religion has for long tended to divide us although the doctrines in these different religions teach us to love one another. If we are to deepen ourselves in our religious teachings then all worldly problems would be to a greater extent solved.” Bishop Ochola said.

Religious body
The United Religions Initiative which was recently launched in the Great lakes region, brings together Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Bahai and Brahma Kumaris, and seeks to promote peace building, economic justice, inter-faith dialogue, health improvement, as well as youth and women empowerment.